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Are you missing out on learning the exact principles and methodologies behind building a 8-figure insurance business ethically?!

Forget the random “hacks”, the loopholes and the tactics. Discover the deep positioning strategies, the mindset and the principles that form the bedrock of a network that brings you sustainable, consistent and recurring growth. 

It works...

Even if your not a natural "sales" person


Even if you don’t have the experience


Even if you don’t have a huge network

Move beyond cheap tactics and short term strategies

and focus on the underlying concepts and principles that will pave your way to financial freedom

Only with the DAVIDSONS...
  • Everything you need: The principles behind sustainable and consistent growth, the exact frameworks we use and deep customer psychology insights.

  • Proven strategies: The exact knowledge, strategies that we use to help our clients FIRST.

  • Rapid results: Forget about the year’s long research process, we have compressed the entire process. Go from a newly minted agent to making your first deal in a month

  • Personalised one on one training: Get hand-held through every step for your first 30 deals by the very best in the industry

It's an open secret that you can earn a 7 to 8 figure annual salary in the insurance industry. 

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years ...


Methods used by sales people out there vary depending on the way they were taught to do it. And as you may know, they are very polarising and consumers become very wary and many have negative views on insurance. But the truth is, EVERYONE needs insurance. It's not a want, it's a need. But you'll only understand that if you were lucky enough to have met an agent who cared enough to explain thoroughly what insurance is all about and what it can do for you and/or your family.



What if YOU could do insurance the right way?

And enjoy the accompanying benefits that come with it?



It's like running your own business without the strings attached. 



No inventory to keep.



No assets to manage.


No salary to pay. 



No OVERHEAD what so ever. 

You get the freedom of working whenever you want and as much as you want.



Imagine waking up every morning without an alarm clock and without rushing off to work.



You schedule a few meetings with people you like and people who recognise your worth.



You spend your days pursuing your hobbies and helping the community that you are in to protect themselves and their families?



This is in essence what it means to be a Davidson's. You get the opportunity to learn how to create a self sustaining network which pays for what you love.



The Davidsons are a Top Performing District in the industry

having clinched the top spot companywide for 16 years.

If you like what we have said so far and our beliefs resonate with yours, we would like to offer you a chance to train and learn with us.

To apprentice under the Davidsons and join our family and to learn how to do things right in the insurance industry. ​

Since we were established in 1989, we have never offered a course like this. Previously recruits were only accepted through recommendations through friends and family

However in the recent years we perceived a lack of ethically sound training and guidance which has led to the current perception of the industry.

We have finally decided to design a program that teaches the most effective principles, techniques and strategies that we have collected over the years into a clear and concise 3 month apprenticeship program. After this initiation phase, we will continue to hand hold you for your first 30 cases so that you can fully implement all that you have learned.

Please note that there will only be 5 slots available each period to ensure that we keep up the quality of our training program.

During these three months, you will be taught everything that you will need to know about the insurance industry.

  • Learn about the bedrock of our beliefs: The greatest stumbling block in insurance is viewing as a sales process. Learn the basic principles that will build trust and allow you to effortlessly plan for your clients.

  • No more confusion for yourself or your client: We have all experienced good and bad teachers, good teachers make you remember and allow you to teach others in turn. We believe in using interesting stories and analogies to teach our agents and to educate our clients.

  • No fear of the unknown: We have designed this training process to be as risk free as possible. Unlike other agencies where everyone is left to fend for themselves, we will personally hand hold you through your first 30 cases to ensure that you can learn from the best in real time.

  • Top in class coaching: Many districts will offload their training to the junior staff, here at the Davidsons, our Master District Leader and founder of our agency has a vested interest your progress and development. During the first 3 months you will have personalised one on one meetings where you get to pick his brain on any issue that might interest you.

What makes our agency so special is our focus is on making you feel like family. Unlike other agencies where the head of the district is usually off playing golf or some "meeting" we take a different approach here at the Davidsons.

You are given the same care a child would get from their parents. This is a safe place where we are invested in your development as a person. You will be given the knowledge, tools and support that you need to excel in this industry without any reservation.

As mentioned before, you will be hand held throughout the entire process by a senior who has achieved at least $100,000 of sales annually or who has qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table award. You will have direct access to the way they think, how they understand and formulate a case.


You will watch first hand and then be guided through the entire sales process so that nothing is left out, nothing is left hidden behind the curtain.


We do this because we want you to understand that you too can achieve a good life without being salesy, without resorting to high pressure sales tactics, without making yourself and and friends uncomfortable.

To emphasise the importance of signing up early, please note again that we are only opening up 5 positions to ensure the quality of the guidance and teaching each new consultant receives. 

Contact us if you would like to find out more about how to join us. 

For more information, visit our official corporate website. Click below!

Ask Away...

Speak Soon! :)

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