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EST. 1989

Davidsons is an authorised representative of AIA Singapore and is the number 1 companywide financial services district. Having clinched the number 1 title for 16 years, we are proud to be the best in what we do, in the way we do it and for the clients we do it for.


Davidsons is well known for grooming and developing multifaceted financial services consultants to provide high quality advice and services to support individuals, companies and families from one generation to the next. What differentiates Davidsons from others, is our ability to truly connect with our customers, and offer our most honest, exceptional and compassionate service they deserve.

Our 16th Top Award!
Mr. David Ong
Thank You To Our Dear Group CEO Mr Ng K.
Davidsons Senior Personal Wealth Managers & MDRT-ers
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No.1 Financial Services District in AIA
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Davidsons Synergy
Davidsons Seniors


- Faith is the Journey, Praise is the Reward -

As high school sweethearts, David and Helen had hopes to make a difference in the lives of others and to leave a legacy in the insurance industry. Hence, with two other friends, David and Helen joined AIA in 1989 and established Davidsons.


From a small team of four, Davidsons has since expanded and diversified into a multi-disciplined organisation. We have a solid infrastructure to rely on in terms of the divisions we have built over the years specialising in individual life consultancy, corporate solutions advisory as well as multi-generational family planning for high net worth clients.

Proudly, we stay true to our values and with the appreciation of the way we do things from our loyal and supportive clients, we have once again been awarded the champion title for the 16th time!

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About Us

Want to learn more about the amazing team behind Davidsons?
Get in touch, we’re always happy to meet like minded people.



Our Founders David & Helen

Together as the founders of Davidsons, they have not only brought Davidsons to its victory but have also achieved exceptional awards and international titles of being Top of the Table from the MDRT association themselves. With all the experience, they have been and are still grooming several district managers and Million Dollar Round Table qualifiers.


What it means to be a Davidson - Prestige, Reputation, Growth
Fast Tracked Career done the right way with a track record that speaks for itself.

Just Sayin'
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Want to know more about the Champion Family? Come meet us. 
Who knows? You just might have what it takes to become one of us.

If you have the heart to stand for what you believe in and the drive to succeed, and all you're looking for is a fun and nurturing journey towards what you want to become, you belong here with us.
We have no fancy speech as to why you should join us. We let our actions and track record do the talking.

Join Us

Whether you are looking for a new perspective on the insurance industry or a change in career,  we'd love to get in touch with you!

Email us at

3 Tampines Grande, #08-01,
Singapore 528799


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